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It is the science of studying the living micro organisms that are only visible under microscopes. Study of microbes are extremely important for Dental College students as the normal oral cavity contains mixtures of microorganisms.
This department deals with the conservative agents of infectious disease of the human, his/her reaction to such infection and the methods for the diagnosis. It provides all the required facilities for BDS and MDS Course students.
Here, the students are given practical experience in microbiological diagnosis, isolation of microorganisms from human teeth and bio chemical testing for the dental caries by Synder test.
This departments also have cultural media room, inoculation room, sterilization room and washing room to help each student understand this basic and important part of dental study.

The department has all the facilities to make aware the students to the clinical diagnosis of infections disease with particular emphasis on the problems related to dental disease. Students are given practical experience in microbiological diagnosis, isolation of microorganism from human teeth and biochemical testing for dental caries by Snyder test. They are also made aware of culturing isolation, colony characteristics, serological testing. And antibiotic susceptibility testing of microbes.

The department is equipped with binocular, microscopes, lamina air flow, BOD incubator, centrifuge, autoclave, pH meter, oven, VDRL shakes, water bath, UV cabinet, magnetic stirrer slides of infection, microorganism.

The department has a culture media room, inoculation room sterilization room and washing room.